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I Need A Vacation!

We have found having a checklist on the computer to help pack for a trip is extremely important. Why?

Building the List

Your list won't be the same as ours. Hopefully the items on our list will give you a good start but the first couple of times you use the list you'll need to make changes.

This is why keeping the list on the computer is so nice. It's easy to update and at least you can find your computer! Just load up a word processor (or better yet, a fancy Desk Top Publishing program, we use PageStream for the Amiga) and build lists of items by category. Avoid the temptation of filling all the white space on your list with clip art; you'll need that space for jotting down additions/changes to the list. If you want, you can place a little box character next to each item for a check-off box.

We use one list for all types of trips, but you could create separate lists if you want. The stuff you take when staying with relatives will be a little different from the stuff you take if staying in a motel. If you're camping, it might be a lot different!

Using the List

Print the list and put it on a clipboard. Don't worry about making changes to the computer file as you pack, just cross out items you don't need and write down items as you think of them.

Keep the clipboard with you. If you're out in the garage and remember something that needs to go on the list, you'll forget it by the time you get back to the house! Remember, "Information is Power!". The information is on the clipboard. Having it with you will give you a sense of purpose and authority. Besides, if you put it down, you'll probably lose it!

Maintaining the List

You will find that your list will change over time. Obvoiusly, all that baby stuff you need for an infant will eventually get removed but other things will change too. (Take the contact lens solution and makeup items off the list and replace it with bifocals and liniment!)

The time to update the computer file is after you get back from the trip. It doesn't have to be the day you get back but it should be fairly soon. This way you'll still be able to remember the things you should have taken or things you should have done before the trip but that are not on the list. When you're getting ready to pack you'll have enough things to do, you don't want the have to update the computer file also!

Our List

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